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ONE ON ONE with Hailee Wilkes

Interested in a personal consultation to level up your social media game? Whether it’s your personal account or business account, let me help you get there.

I’m so excited to finally be offering one on one consultation sessions to anyone looking to up their game in the social media world. Whether you’re wanting to become an influencer, reach a personal goal, or get your small business on the map - schedule a consultation with me and let me help you meet + exceed your goals.

Schedule a Consultation

Interested in scheduling a one on one consultation with me? The first step is to fill out this form. This will give me a little more information into who you are + who your brand is.

You will then have the option to decide if you’re wanting to do a one time consultation or multiple consultations to help you grow. Either way is fine + nothing is final --- we can always chat more about this during our initial meeting.

If you’re on the fence about scheduling with me - DON’T BE. After filling out the form I will send over pricing, what to expect, scheduling availability, and more. I want this to be fun + more of a hang out where you walk away feeling educated and prepared, but also that you’ve gained a friend in me!

What To Expect

Once you’re on my roster, you’re a friend/client for life. Though our actual consultation will only be an hour (however many times is needed), I want to be there as a source of support whenever you need me. Have a question? Unsure on what picture to use? Should you take a brand deal? Send me a text! Let’s chat and I’ll do my best to help you figure out the right move for you!

I can’t wait to help you start your journey + grow. Let’s kill it together!

The Consultation Meeting

I’ll be hosting all consultations via Zoom meetings, until COVID permits us to meet up in person if you’re local! Either way, I can’t wait to see your face + chat about how to make you succeed in this world. Meetings will last an hour and all rates will be provided after a form is filled out :)

We can schedule around your daily work/class/etc. and pick the best time to hop on a call and get down to business. I’ll also send over a full 10-page guide for you to keep with tools for success that you can always refer back to.

FILL OUT A CONSULTATION FORM, & let me help you reach all your IG + social media goals.



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