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A round up of some of my favorite places to get food and drinks in Vail, Colorado!

After two trips to Vail, Colorado I’ve discovered the best of the best when it comes to yummy food in the classic little town. From adorable outdoor spots, 5-star dining, Instagrammable locations, and the most delicious foods - here is my list of MUST EATS in Vail, Colorado.


Matsuhisa, a NOBU restaurant, features all my favorites from NOBU in a modern + fancy

setting. The restaurant is located in Vail Village and I definitely recommend making reservations. Grab a Matsutini to sip on while enjoying some of the best Asian fusion cuisine, EVER.

What to Order: Crispy Tuna Fried Rice, Miso Glazed Black Cod, New Style Wagyu Beef on the Salt Rock, Spicy Tuna Roll, Matsutini

Instagram: @matsuhisavail



Remedy Bar is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel in the central lobby area, right when you walk through their front doors. One of my favorite places to not only dine, but relax, on my vacation due to the homey and modern vibes it gives off. Available for breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks/drinks - this stop is a MUST-DO while in Vail. You cannot complete a trip to Vail without their world renowned Haut Chocolat - that will definitely make it on your Instagram.

What to Order: Haut Chocolat, Avocado Toast, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Salmon Caesar Salad, Tomato Soup + Grilled Cheese

Instagram: @fsvail



Another Four Seasons favorite is the delicious + decadent, Flame Restaurant. If you’re going to Vail, definitely plan in a night at Flame for the most delicious steak and all around appetizing meal. I had the Waygu filet - 10/10 and one of my favorite steak dishes to date. The wine is flowing, and the food keeps coming. So delicious, and all-around great upscale dining experience.

What to Order: Filet / Wagyu Beef, Lobster Mac n Cheese, Pinot Noir

Instagram: @fsvail



My favorite dinner spot of our entire trip had to be Left Bank - from the ornate and formal atmosphere, to the intimate setting, and French tastes - the restaurant was definitely my cup of tea. I had a delicious cocktail followed by a few glasses of wine and the most delicious meal. Definitely dress up and head to Left Bank with an appetite and a reservation.

What to Order: Truffle Pasta, Beef Wellington, Baked Alaska for dessert

Instagram: @theleftbankvail



A Vail Village favorite is definitely El Segundo, known for its fun + modern atmosphere, tasty + strong margaritas, and of course delicious specialty street tacos. The tacos on the menu are one of a kind and ordered in single - but beware, they are strict on no substitutions. Aside from the tacos, I always enjoy their homemade guac and queso as a yummy appetizer before the meal. Definitely a fun place for drinks and a casual dinner after a day on the slopes.

What to Order: street tacos, House Margarita, Queso!!!!!!!

Instagram: @elsegundovail



The cutest + most European find in Vail Village is Alpen Rose - another personal favorite of mine and Kyle’s. We went for a late lunch/snack one afternoon and were thoroughly impressed at our entire experience. The authentic German food + decor is definitely a plus, and it also makes a great Instagrammable spot for photos. Our appetizers were to die for!!!! We almost ordered seconds. Not necessarily a reservation required spot, but definitely a popular and busy one.

What to Order: Ostiballchen (basically a cheesy/bacon tater tot) & cheese fondue & mountain cow mules

Instagram: @alpenrose_vail



My favorite spot in Vail was definitely Vintage. Vintage is the cutest + most aesthetic little corner restaurant / drink spot in all of Vail village. The outdoor area is picture perfect and will definitely level up your Instagram with the perfect picture. The chairs are covered with white fur covers, and the food is next level yummy and aesthetic. I highly recommend this little spot, but you 100% need a reservation.

What to Order: Chocolate Chip pancakes, Croque Monsieur, definitely Mimosas

Instagram: @vintage_vail



A super fun + popular spot is Sweet Basil, a local favorite and one of the best dining experiences in all of Vail. The restaurant has a dimmed, but inviting atmosphere and definitely gives off the impression of high dining. The Whipped Feta appetizer is such a fun + tasteful experience, and every dessert looks and tastes, to die for. I loved the beverages and wine list at Sweet Basil and felt like the loud + popular venue really worked for its overall aesthetic.

What to Order: the Whipped Feta, Wagyu Steak, Malt & Salt

Instagram: @sweetbasilvail



After a day on the slopes, or even as a little lunch break in between runs, I definitely recommend Vail Chophouse. Located directly off the Lionshead Ski Lift, this restaurant is perfect for a yummy lunch and midday cocktail. I was over-obsessed with the Keylime Martini and Truffle Fries - the perfect light lunch before another round of skiing.

What to Order: Keylime Martini, Truffle Fries, Chili

Instagram: @vailchophouse

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